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Release Date Dotclear Dotaddict License


postExpired is a plugin for the open-source web publishing software called Dotclear.

Add options to the sidebar of post edition page to change some options of a post at a given time.


  • Dotclear 2.28
  • PHP 8.1+
  • Dotclear contentadmin permissions


First install postExpired, manualy from a zip package or from Dotaddict repository. (See Dotclear's documentation to know how do this)

When you edit a post you have a new sidebar menu called "Expired date" to edit date and options to change.

You can also add or remove expired date to multiple post from posts actions page. This plugins also supports standard "pages".


  • Only one expired date per post is supported
  • Expired dates are checked from public home page and feed page


  • Jean-Christian Denis (author)

You are welcome to contribute to this code.