_Adopted third party plugin_ Create aliases of your blog's URLs
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Release Date Dotclear Dotaddict License


alias is a plugin for the open-source web publishing software called Dotclear.

Create aliases of your blog's URLs.


  • Dotclear 2.28
  • PHP 8.1+
  • Dotclear admin permission for management


First install alias, manualy from a zip package or from Dotaddict repository. (See Dotclear's documentation to know how do this)

You can manage your aliases from menu ''Alias'' on admin dashboard sidebar.


  • Only blog URLs can be redirected.
  • It can redirect a specific URL "plop" to another one "post/2023/04/24/my-post".
  • It can redirect all URLs that content "plop" using alias "/plop/" by replacing it by destination "post" into requesting URL. (Even if it's not at the begining of the URL!)
  • It can not redirect an alias to another alias.
  • It has priority on all ohters URLs handlers, so if you create an alias of an existing page, the destination from plugin alias will be used.

Keep in mind, plugin alias loads all registered aliases to test them on each page load, so more there are aliases, more page load is slow.


  • Olivier Meunier (author)
  • Franck-paul
  • Jean-Christian Denis (latest)

You are welcome to contribute to this code.