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periodical is a plugin for the open-source web publishing software called Dotclear.

Manage and publish automatically lists of posts at regular periods. For exemple, you just need to add posts to a period and they will be publish ones after the others every week.


  • Dotclear 2.28
  • PHP 8.1+
  • Dotclear admin permissions to configure plugin
  • Dotclear usage,contentadmin permissions to link feeds


This plugin creates a new table on Dotclear database !


First install periodical, manualy from a zip package or from Dotaddict repository. (See Dotclear's documentation to know how do this)

Main settings are accessible from blog preference page.

When enabled you have a menu in main sidebar menu called Periodical under "Plugins" group, follow it to manage periods.

When you edit a post you have a new sidebar option called Periodical to link this post to a period.

You can also add or remove period to multiple posts from posts actions page.


  • Jean-Christian Denis (author)

You are welcome to contribute to this code.